Making future magic

Creative agency aimed at making future magic

Dentsu London was founded in 2010 as an innovative communication agency aimed at creating future magic and changing the face of digital marketing. Being a start-up company of 65 people, the company, nevertheless, had a great support of one of the largest advertising companies in the world Dentsu Inc. After being for two years on the market and making future magic, in 2012 Dentsu London resumed its work as the British headquarters of the high-level US agency McGarryBowen and is nowadays the most prosperous unit of the international creative agency of the Japanese giant Dentsu.

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Brief history of the future magic agency

However, Dentsu London has a very long history. As originally, it was Collette Dickenson Pierce & Partners and for the last two decades the agency proved to be London’s most creative and prestigious agency. Nevertheless, it suffered a series of setbacks, and after all became the acquisition by Dentsu. The company was renamed in 2010 as Dentsu London and finally, in spring of 2012 it was merged with McGarryBowen Creative Agency and adopted its name that marked the last and the final stage of the long journey of Collette Dickenson Pierce & Partners Agency.

Making future magic

Dentsu London hit - list

Being Dentsu London, company led a successful and prosperous work with such major brands as Canon, Hitachi, NEC, Nintendo, OMEGA, The Pokémon Company, YouTubNow, Small Luxury Hotels, Tetley, Uniqlo, Wallpaper, East Coast Trains, East Coast Main Line, National Express East Coast, Lexus, and other creative partners. The whole idea of Dentsu London as an advertising company was to create magical interactions using digital communication to find powerful inspiration in applying new things to old forms and techniques that resulted in a great number of unique adds.

making future magic